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Are You Listening More, the Same Amount or Less Than You Were Six Months Ago?

In NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study Ten, our latest study of nearly 3,000 respondents ages 14-54 across all PPM markets, we probed 6-month TSL momentum for a variety of sources and services....

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Ready to Market Your Station on Snapchat?

Snapchat is growing faster than ever. Based on our research of likely ratings prospects, it has jumped up in usage by a whopping 28% in the last six months alone. This is much greater growth than the...

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Snapchat: The Fastest Growing Social Channel Among Likely Ratings Respondents

Even though NuVoodoo is less than seven years old, we’ve just completed our tenth Ratings Prospect Study. That’s because we realized that we’d need to conduct studies twice a year to keep up with...

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Are You Attending Podcast Movement?

Thursday sees NuVoodoo again on stage with Steve Goldstein of Amplifi Media, this time at Podcast Movement in Anaheim(11 AM Pacific, in case you’re attending the convention). Back in March,...

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Dems’ 2018 Political Campaign Strategy: ‘Let’s Look Beyond Trump’

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Democrats say they eagerly await 2018. But we all know from experience that making a big bet on the midterm pendulum to swing back in that party’s favor, even despite ...

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Who Should be in Your Music Test Sample?

If you’re thinking about a library test or just pondering the screen used to recruit respondents for weekly music testing, you’re probably considering who you want in the sample. You’ll want to avoid...

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Are You Having a Party?

You’re throwing a grand party on September 14. Parties on Thursdays are unusual – hopefully people will take notice. If you program or manage a radio station in the US, September 14 starts the Fall...

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How Many Songs Are Listeners Exposed To?

Having seen a rise in complaints about music repetition in market studies, we wanted to take a deeper dive into what experiences might be contributing to this perception. Looking at the wider group...

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What Can Political Campaign Strategists Learn from John McCain?


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Something About Commercials You Could Fix …

Yes, we know that current spotloads leave radio painfully over-commercialized at times. Not that many years ago, it was a choice of one station versus one of the others. Today, the free levels of...

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