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Where Will You Find Your Next Morning Show?

The morning radio show.  It’s what defines our medium for many people.  Think about the portrayals of radio in movies and TV; it’s almost always a morning show.  Too often it’s not even a...

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Instagram: Powerful Targeting, Impressive Response Rates

Instagram has been climbing the ladder of relevance and popularity among radio listeners, especially that small subset predisposed to accept a PPM or a diary. While the digerati have been crowing...

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Contests vs. Concert Announcements vs. Cuddly Animals

Comparing research respondents who predict they would empanel into a PPM-type sample versus those who predict they would not be drawn into such a panel (in the 6th NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study...

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What’s the Ideal Way to Select Music?

If the ideal way to select and schedule music for the plurality of heavy music radio listeners is requests and submissions, why don’t more stations portray that in their presentation and imaging? ...

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How Do You Choose the Music?

Many PD’s spend hours every day generating the music logs for their stations, working to make every quarter hour as good as it possibly can be, given the competing interests of rotations, vertical...

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Customers, Caring & Communication

Take a moment to think about the customer service experiences you’ve had that have upset you the most.  As cycles of everything around us get shorter and shorter and pressures to iterate in...

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Do Listeners Know Which Songs Fit?

Sure, respondents will respond to questions used by some researchers asking if songs “fit” on a station. The question is whether or not the responses are meaningful.

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What Would You Like to Know?

It’s that time of year again!  Maybe time to prepare the annual NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study isn’t marked on your calendar, but it’s on ours – and we’re eager to build new questionnaires to...

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Does Live & Local Really Matter?

Experienced broadcasters know it intuitively – that music radio sounds better with a live human introducing the music and relating to the listener. As many times as talented producers are able to...

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PD = Director of User Experience?

What if we replaced the title “Program Director” with one borrowed from the online world, “Director of User Experience?”  Isn’t that what today’s PD’s really are anyway?  How many actually direct a...

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