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People Will Do Anything to Alleviate Anxiety

There’s a moment in season 6 of Mad Men, where Draper’s neighbor Dr. Rosen is leaving a dinner with Don and his wife to attend to an emergency at the hospital. Draper is envying Rosen’s life-saving...

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Want a Different Punchline? Wrecked ‘em? I Nearly Killed ‘em!

What would you be doing today if you’d been the one who’d paid 2.5 million dollars in 2013 for “mini-fleet” of two New York City taxi medallions? Three years later, a 2-medallion “mini-fleet” is...

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Music Research: What is it Good for?

If you filled in “Huh! Yeah!” you’re remembering a single from 1970 or a Seinfeld episode from 1994. But the response in this case is not, “Absolutely nothing!” While there are lots of tools...

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Morning Radio and Millennials

We know that radio’s been losing ground in morning at-home usage for years. Many of us remember our moms having a radio on in the kitchen when we were getting ready for school. But, what if you’re...

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Radio: Vibrant Brands or Music Appliance?

As PD’s and managers at radio stations we talk about how listeners connect with our stations. We strive to create programming that engenders long listening occasions. We worry about minimizing...

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Millennials & Music Discovery

In the radio business we talk regularly about how people use music radio to discover new music and new artists. Some major market PD’s are invited to talk to developing artists or sit in on...

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What Millennials Think About Radio, Continued

One of the very first data points we showed at the Worldwide Radio Summit 2016 in Hollywood was the mostly good news that Persons 14-29 rank their favorite FM radio station for music fourth in...

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What Millennials Think About Radio

Last Thursday at Worldwide Radio Summit 2016 in Hollywood, NuVoodoo showed results from its latest study concerning the listening habits and media attitudes of Millennials. The sample of 2074...

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What Do Millennials Think About Radio?

NuVoodoo will be showing off its latest study concerning the listening habits of Millennials this Thursday, April 14, at Worldwide Radio Summit 2016 in Hollywood. The oldest of the group are...

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Songs You Love vs. Songs You’re Tired Of

In the one-programming-stream-fits-many world of music radio, for decades we’ve been trying to find the balance point between playing just the most-beloved songs and minimizing tune-outs and...

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