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How Many Songs Are Listeners Exposed To?

Having seen a rise in complaints about music repetition in market studies, we wanted to take a deeper dive into what experiences might be contributing to this perception. Looking at the wider group...

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Something About Commercials You Could Fix …

Yes, we know that current spotloads leave radio painfully over-commercialized at times. Not that many years ago, it was a choice of one station versus one of the others. Today, the free levels of...

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Who Signs Up for Radio Station Databases (and Why They Matter to You)

Whether it’s the usage-based ratings of PPM or the recall-based system of diaries, NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study IX shows that about half of those who are likely to participate in the ratings...

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Bringing Back Streaming Converts & Competition from Podcast

After the long holiday weekend, we’d shown data from the most recent NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study reminding us that Spotify already has a strong foothold for the ears of 14-24’s. While some...

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Radio, Millennials and Generation Z

Last week’s news that FCC General Counsel Brendan Carr is becoming an FCC Commissioner had us thinking back to our exercise of imagining what it would be like if Broadcast Radio was the technology...

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Is Your Research Sample Keeping Up With Your Listeners?

Do you still have a home landline phone? Chances are you don’t. Not having a home landline phone would make you like a majority of the country. If you still have a landline – and some of us do, for...

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New Tactics to Engage At-Work Listening

With increased competition from online music sources, the battle for at-work listening among radio stations is more savage than ever. The most recent NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study showed that...

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Building Better Branding for Radio

When it comes to branding, many radio stations continue to rely on describing their music mixes or their market rank. That made sense when consumers’ primary listening choices were the stations on...

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On-Air Talent: New Sources and New Roles

p>Last week we wrote that broadcast radio operators need to spend more time strategizing how to build listening with consumers who are in danger of straying beyond the dial – even while continuing to... Read More

The Death of Settling?

Every NuVoodoo perceptual study questionnaire is custom; written from the beginning to address the specific concerns that caused the client to engage us. There are, however, those go-to questions...

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