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Least Objectionable Programming or Premium Content?

If you’ve bought or even toyed with a new car recently, you know the reality of car infotainment systems. The former shrine to AM/FM in the center of the dashboard has been replaced by a multitude of...

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Market Cluster or Local Content Engine?

Smart speakers were popular gifts this holiday season. Amazon said it sold “tens of millions” of devices powered by its voice assistant. Of course, Amazon is just one company selling such devices....

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Ten Ways to Improve Ratings (and Radio) in 2018

Thinking about ways to improve ratings in the year ahead, we looked back at what we’d written about radio this year. A number of ideas jumped back out at us – some that we’ve written about more than...

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Would Any Sane Person Be a PD?

When you describe to friends outside the radio business how the ratings are conducted, they’re generally aghast. The description of diary respondents being asked to keep track of their listening for...

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The Other Problem(s) with Commercials

Leaving aside commercial inventory levels airing on many radio stations, which all too often make commercial breaks resemble diner placemats, radio today faces additional problems with commercials.

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Is Radio Still Relevant?

The answer is “yes,” when compared to emerging digital outlets. We asked our sample of 2,979 persons 14-54 across all PPM markets in the latest NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study about the...

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Who Trusts Radio for News in 2017?

In the latest NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study, we asked our sample of 2,979 persons 14-54 across all PPM markets, “On a scale of "0" to "10," where “0” is no trust at all and “10” is complete...

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When Spotify & Pandora Are on the Dashboard

We’ve said it before, we love ratings respondents. Those likely to play the Nielsen game, in either meter or diary methodologies, tend to be bigger users of media (including radio), tend to be...

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DJ’s Shouldn’t Pick the Music, Right?

In the on-going battle with new media entrants like Spotify and Pandora, broadcast radio can leave no stone unturned when looking for advantages and points of differentiation. Looking at the...

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New/Old Tactics to Increase TSL

Among the many things we looked at in the latest NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study were tactics that can help increase TSL. Most importantly, which tactics will help increase TSL among the groups...

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