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What’s Important to Likely Ratings Participants?

As we’ve shown with our Ratings Prospect Studies for a number of years now, chief among the list of what motivates someone to consent to being part of the Nielsen Audio sample, either PPM or...

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What Do Facebook’s Latest Changes Mean for Your Station?

There’s been a lot of buzz in the past week about Facebook throttling back publisher content in News Feeds. Facebook’s explanation of the change is that “friends and family come first.” Some will...

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What Brings Your Station’s Community Together?

For Conservative-leaning talk stations, what brings station communities together is pretty obvious. For NPR, it’s also obvious (though in a different direction). While it varies for different music...

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Interruption Research Doesn’t Work Any Better Today Than Interruption Marketing

We used to do music research on the phone for shorter tests (like callout) and in person for longer tests (like auditorium tests). Respondents for those auditorium tests were recruited on the...

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How Do People Feel When They Experience Your Station?

We thought it was amazing that when we asked over two thousand Millennials, ages 14-29, across all PPM markets to rate a variety of news sources for trust, that the top 7 were all legacy news...

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People Will Do Anything to Alleviate Anxiety

There’s a moment in season 6 of Mad Men, where Draper’s neighbor Dr. Rosen is leaving a dinner with Don and his wife to attend to an emergency at the hospital. Draper is envying Rosen’s life-saving...

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Want a Different Punchline? Wrecked ‘em? I Nearly Killed ‘em!

What would you be doing today if you’d been the one who’d paid 2.5 million dollars in 2013 for “mini-fleet” of two New York City taxi medallions? Three years later, a 2-medallion “mini-fleet” is...

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Music Research: What is it Good for?

If you filled in “Huh! Yeah!” you’re remembering a single from 1970 or a Seinfeld episode from 1994. But the response in this case is not, “Absolutely nothing!” While there are lots of tools...

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Morning Radio and Millennials

We know that radio’s been losing ground in morning at-home usage for years. Many of us remember our moms having a radio on in the kitchen when we were getting ready for school. But, what if you’re...

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Radio: Vibrant Brands or Music Appliance?

As PD’s and managers at radio stations we talk about how listeners connect with our stations. We strive to create programming that engenders long listening occasions. We worry about minimizing...

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