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Presets: A Thing of the Past or More Important Than Ever?

Remember simplicity? You turned on the TV and picked through the choices on the major broadcast networks or, perhaps, a handful of basic cable channels. The broadcast network news anchors and the...

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The Second Law of (Entertainment) Thermodynamics

Comparing NBC’s New Celebrity Apprentice host, Arnold Schwarzenegger, with the former Celebrity Apprentice host, (now POTUS) Donald Trump, Time magazine observed, “Trump, in his ability to get...

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What Will You Do Differently in 2017?

Managers are increasingly under scrutiny to “do things differently” – and rightly so. As we’ve observed before, Einstein is said to have defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and...

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The Best Promo Style Is…

If you’ve worked in music radio for any period of time in your life, think about all the song lyrics you know. By heart. How many of us have had the experience of making reference to a lyric, ended...

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Siphoning off PUMM from Workdays

Among the lasting impressions of the station-focused client studies NuVoodoo conducted in 2016 was the continuing shift in workday listening. In many markets and especially among female demos, the...

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2016: It’s Been Quite a Year

Years from now, the memorable thing about 2016 will be last month’s Presidential election and the campaigns that preceded it. But, it’s been quite a year in radio and here at NuVoodoo as well.

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Better Commercial Breaks

We’ve shown before that consumers perceive that stations stop for commercials about four times an hour and play about four commercials every time they stop. So, we’ve suggested that there’s an upside...

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Remember When “Playlist” Wasn’t a Common Word?

It wasn’t so many years ago that consumers might have talked about creating a mixtape or burning a CD with favorite songs for a friend, but not a “playlist.” I remember moderating a focus group many...

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Copywriting for 2017

This year’s Presidential Election had many surprising results, but one of our takeaways has been how communication has changed. The two primary candidates credited with the greatest populist appeal...

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How Many Spots on Your Station? And, Should Santa Come Early?

Diary methodology allowed programmers and managers to create all sorts of theories about how many commercials listeners could bear and what was the best way to package them. PPM forced us to...

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