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Your Database is Even More Important Than You Think

420 years ago, Sir Francis Bacon is credited with using the phrase “knowledge is power.” Given the comparatively small size of Nielsen’s samples and the limited universe of people who are likely...

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The Other Problems with Commercials

We’re all aware that current spot loads leave radio painfully over-commercialized at times, compared to even the free levels of Spotify, Pandora and other online players. In the PPM world, fewer...

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Alexa, Play (My Favorite Radio Station) for Me

Last week we wrote about using the Amazon Echo (or Google Home) to listen to radio in your home. While there are a few venerable clock radios still on nightstands and some homes may have a Bose...

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Radio at Home?

A few weeks back, we wrote about the experience of hosting a focus group of Millennial-aged Country music fans at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville. Asked if they have a radio at home, one...

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What Should You Be Doing About Podcasting?

NuVoodoo’s Carolyn Gilbert was with Steve Goldstein from Amplifi Media at Talk Show Boot Camp in Atlanta last week sharing some findings from the first-ever NuVoodoo Podcast Study. Starting from a...

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Success with Millennial Listeners

Last week, we wrote about a focus group we conducted in front of an audience at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville. Millennial Country music fans talked about their listening habits...

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Do Younger Country Music Fans Love Radio?

In school, you’re taught to begin consumer research with qualitative research, like focus groups. You unearth consumer perceptions that might be lurking out there among lots of people. Then, you...

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Where’s New On-Air Talent Going to Come From?

Pilots are trained to give priority to flying the plane during a crisis in the cockpit, because it’s human nature to focus on crises – things that appear urgent – even though there may be...

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Who Replies to Social Media Comments at Your Station Now?

The just-completed Ninth NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study shows the connection between radio and Social Media continuing to grow. In this latest study, the overall numbers continue to grow for...

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Boardwalk or Mediterranean Avenue?

In the game, Monopoly, the rent for the lowest-tier property, Mediterranean Avenue, is $250 when it has a hotel. The rent for Boardwalk, with a hotel, is $2000. At $2000 per visit, that’s not a hotel...

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